Classification by different colors

This color classification is a detailed breakdown of 12 animal characters. This means you can have "Yellow Fawn", "Gold Fawn", "Green Fawn", "Silver Fawn" within the same category. On the whole, animals are categorized into 60 different types. If you know your animal character color, you will be recognized as an expert of DOUBUTSU URANAI.
※ Check the "Color Classification List" to find out your color.

Pegasus / Cheetah / Lion / Elephant / Raccoon / Fawn /
Monkey / Wolf / Koala / Tiger / Panther / Sheep
Yellow : powerful, but warm hearted.
Green : Can show great ability when with friends or in a group.
Gold : Possess both boldness and prudence.
Silver : Possess strength to endure adverse circumstance.
  Yellow : Fights hard for justice.
  Green : Values friends and when depended on, will do best for them.
  Gold : Adventurous.
  Silver : Have pride and loves getting attention.
  Yellow : Honest, and hates unfairness.
  Green : Very active and have strong inner sense.
  Gold : Bold and sedate, but have inner sensitivity.
  Silver : a perfectionist.
  Yellow : Can achieve the objective sure and steadily.
  Green : Very active and have strong inner sense.
  Gold : possess own yard stick and confidence.
  Silver : Have sharp eyes to see through the time.
  Yellow : Efforts bear fruit, late developer.
  Green : Obedient, affable and kind.
  Gold : Frank and open-hearted.
  Silver : Sensitive and delicate.
  Yellow : Give life for others. Full of volunteering spirit.
  Green : Become a leader without meaning to be.
  Gold : Lead life as one's own way.
  Silver : Possess true sense of beauty.
  Red : Cheerful, and loves happy things.
  Blue : Full of new ideas, and a master of art.
  Brown : loves taking care of others.
  Orange : Creative and have an artistic sense.
  Purple : generous and can make others feel relaxed.
  Black : can trust any work with.
  Red : Have pride and confidence.
  Blue : leads unique life.
  Brown : Extremely realistic, and good at calculation.
  Orange : can give one's heart and soul for his passion.
  Purple : can think logically and intelligent.
  Black : possesses highly studious mind.
  Red : has many interests and enjoys life.
  Blue : be better at doing creative work.
  Brown : possesses highly studious mind.
  Orange : possesses creative sense.
  Purple : has a passionate heart.
  Black : keep to the rule, and act sensibly.
  Red : cheerful and lively. Full of high spirit.
  Blue : can look at things objectively and calmly.
  Brown : slow starter, but gradually shows great potential.
  Orange : possesses strong belief to serve others.
  Purple : Think high of tradition, educational background and social status.
  Black : can not leave someone who is in need of help.
  Red : Likes new things, and dislike being behind the times.
  Blue : Thoughtful and cautious.
  Brown : Naturally popular.
  Orange : Warm-hearted and passionate.
  Purple : Have strong fellow feeling and sense of solidarity.
  Black : Would work in the back-ground even without any credit.
  Red : Open-hearted and make atmosphere cheerful.
  Blue : Calm and intelligent.
  Brown : Kind, gentle and a peace lover.
  Orange : Good at grabbing an opportunity.
  Purple : Have strong fellow feeling and sense of solidarity.
  Black : Looks gentle, but has strong will power.