Classification by the 4 groups.

From the date of birth, people can be divided into the "Sun Group", "Earth Group", "Full Moon Group" and "New Moon Group". You can find out your personality check and compatibility check by taking in consideration these 4 groups. You can find out each characteristic, and how they affect one another.


Interrelationship between the 4 groups.

Look at the way the arrow shows in the above diagram. The direction of the arrow indicates the power that group holds over the other. In this case, communication between "parents→children" or "boss→employee" will have no problem. But if the arrow shows in the opposite direction, then there may be a friction in the relationship, so you should be careful. Check the "compatibility check" to get the best advice to improve your relationship.

Types and consciousness.

Four Groups have a combination and attributes of "types" and "consciousness". The power and characteristic of each group is based on these two. What is your "consciousness"? What is your "type"?

Self centered consciousness.

Person in this side, want to keep their own pace of work, and dislike being interrupted by other people. They have a strong sense of "not interfere others, and not being interfered". They prefer to act according to their will.

Other person consciousness.

Person in this side prefer to act according to other peoples pace. Therefore, even if they have their own opinion, they can give priority to other people's demands, and do not feel stress.

Objective oriented type

This type of person acts after thorough and careful planning. And if they decide on something, they will not want to change their mind in the middle. They work hard to achieve the set objective, and think very high of achievements.

Circumstance oriented type

This type of person do things just as it comes by. And they can change their action according to the changing situation. They put importance on the process or the procedure rather than the results.

Personal relationships between different types and consciousness.

Objective oriented type vs. Circumstance oriented type

The rifts between these two types are serious, and both types may find it hard to work together. Taking as an example, a situation where "objective oriented type" boy is going out with "circumstance oriented type" girl. The restaurant he decided he wanted to eat happens to be full of people, and they are told to wait for an hour. He says "we decided to eat here, so we should wait." But his girl-friend would think, "if we have to wait for so long, we ought to go to other place."

Self centered consciousness vs. other person consciousness

This type of combination may suffer conflict of opinion depending on certain situations. For example, in a situation where a "self centered consciousness" boy and "other person consciousness" girl are looking for a birthday gift for their mutual friend, he would find a gift according to his taste, whereas she would think about their friend's preferences more.